BORDA Professional Training

At Ultra Adventure Driving we deliver British Off-Road Driving Association (BORDA) courses on our accredited site which carries IOPD Certification. The courses we run are recognised by the HSE and are a legal requirement for companies driving off highway under the PUWER regulations.

Who are BORDA?

BORDA (British Off-Road Driving Association) is the UK’s only professional association dedicated to Off-Road Driving at authorised venues throughout the UK. BORDA has Industry Leading Codes of Practice, rigorous accreditation programmes for sites, supervisors and trainers and a reputation for high standards and are authorised by the IOPD.

Who are the IOPD?

The International Organisation of Professional Drivers who are Empowered by Statute 1371, authorised by the Secretary of State for the Regulation of Off-Highway Auto Events including training and health and safety.

What is PUWER?

Introduced by the HSE in 1998, PUWER is the Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations. 4x4s are included in the category of work equipment.

What are the benefits to my business?

This is not an exhaustive list but benefits include: being ready for a PUWER inspection; creating an accredited training record recognised by HSE; limiting the chance of your company and directors facing corporate manslaughter charges in the event of an incident; reducing running costs and repairs on vehicles; reducing lost hours through having stuck vehicles; drivers will be aware of their driving, health and safety and risk management obligations.


BORDA qualifications help reduce the costly and time-consuming risk of vehicles becoming stranded or damaged. The BORDA course helps operators to maximise fleet reliability and minimise total cost of ownership.

The courses that we deliver:

Basic Level 4×4 Safety Awareness Course:

Basic Course

Suitable for drivers operating on mild slopes, around 15 degrees with run-out areas, and reasonable
traction. This is the standard for private and commercial drivers who use 4×4 vehicles regularly but
only drive in mild off-highway conditions which may only give reasonable traction such as mud,
grass, gravel snow, and ice. The course would include the use of the 4×4 transmission systems
with general off-road driving disciplines.
The course will include Units 1-7 from our syllabus plus additional units as brought out by the
training needs analysis.
This course is delivered on the basis of a 2:1 ratio over a half-day or up to 4 trainees over a full day.

Standard Level Off-Road Driving Course:

Standard Course

Suitable for drivers operating on moderate slopes, around 25 degrees with run-out areas and
reasonable traction. This is the standard recommended both private and commercial for drivers who
may use 4×4 vehicles in off-highway areas of moderate difficulty. The course would cover disciplines
such as traction, ascents, descents, ditches, ruts, and side slopes in addition to all of the items
covered on a Basic Course.
The course will include units 1-11 plus additional units as brought out by the training needs analysis
and delivered on a 2:1 ratio over a full day or on a 3:1 ratio over an extended day.

Higher Level Off Road Driving Course:

Higher Course

Suitable for drivers operating on slopes above 25 degrees with run-out areas, and possibly
low traction.
This is the standard for operators working in unknown conditions and likely to encounter
situations that require a high level of training and skill. This level confirms competence at the
standard level then extends the driver’s skill to cope with situations up to the vehicle’s
capabilities. It also trains drivers to assess and recognise situations beyond the vehicle’s limits
which must be avoided.
The course will include all of the units covered within our Basic & Standard Levels i.e. units 1:11
together with units 12- 18 which will include disciplines relating specifically to operating on
steeper ascents/descents loss of engine braking, self-recovery, changing wheels, and driving in
darkness. Within this level of, course operating with loads and trailers can also be covered.
The Higher Level will include (units 1 – 20) and is a two-day course at a maximum ratio of 3 – 1.