Multi Activity

Why Not Try a Multi Activity?

Skid Control

Our Sister Company, Walker Driving Skills is owned and managed by Stuart Walker, a driving specialist who is experienced in providing a variety of Driving skills, from lessons both basic and advanced, Off road and even Lorry lessons !

Most peoples first experience of a skid is on the road, which may well result in an accident.  With us you can experience and learn to correct a skid on the safety of our unique skid circuit (just like a skid-pan) under expert guidance.  As the majority of skids are due to driver error, our aim is to show you how to avoid skidding as well as how to deal with a skid if the need should arise. Very similar to a skid pan, on our unique surface skids can be simulated at low speed for the less confident or at higher speed for the more experienced.

Have fun while updating your skills and becoming a better driver.

  • Improve your skill  – for safer driving
  • Gain confidence – for any situation  
  • Peace of mind – for enjoyable driving
  • Learn to cope –  with the unexpected 
  • Great Fun

A fantastic experience for drivers of all ages and abilities, learners as well as the experienced, will benefit from learning how to avoid or control a skid. Individual or group bookings welcome. Ideal for stag parties and corporate entertainment.

A Lifesaving Skill

A fun and very educational session that will improve your driving skills greatly. We will cover a variety of emergency situations to give you improved confidence and skill on the road. 

  Emergency braking   

Front and rear end slides 

   Reducing wheel spins

    Slippery surface driving  

  Skid prevention

Correcting skids  

Tyre blow-out 

Locked wheels

You won’t find a facility like ours anywhere else, the surface that we use is unique and ideal for simulating all the above emergency situations.  The advantage of our unique surface is that you can rehearse at a variety of speeds so don’t be put off coming along if you are afraid of getting up speed!

Skids start from 5mph on our surface.

One Hour Off Road Experience Followed by One Hour Skid Control